Different CMD! The SuperCPU was by Creative Micro Designs. The G65SC816 was a GTE chip, and GTE were bought by California Micro Devices in 87. There's a GTE datasheet from April 85:

Back then, WDC would have needed to license their design to someone with a fab. Now, they mark the chips with their own logo and sell them - but they still use someone else's fab. (WDC are a classic two-men-in-a-shed kind of company, a lifestyle business only.)

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But we do now get to see the starlink retainer arms fly off at deployment. And they are catching the fairings fairly reliably too.


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Now released: asm80: 8080 and 8085 cross assemblers for UNIX and RISC OS

This version splits off the 8085 specific "undocumented" opcodes into asm85.


full sources included.

#8080 #8085

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When that happens to me, I go to MetaFilter. And then sometimes to AskMeFi. Or to the archives: 1,2,5 years ago. Interesting things aren't necessarily new.


"John Peel's the most important DJ of all time, I think" from this documentary:

and here's a 1982 show of his, in full

1982 being near the half way point of his nearly 40 year DJ career...


Rick Dickinson's design work! As was the . The won an Italian design award according to wikipedia. Intended to be a £500 Xerox Star...

's famous cost-cutting obsession failed him in this case: he'd got the 68008 designed in when Motorola changed the pricing and the 68000 became cheaper than what he was paying. But no new deal...


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Perhaps John Peel's most famous moment:
"I'll tell you what you know I've not done this for ages but I think we ought to hear that again hold on a second just talk among yourselves..."



Great music!

(Ever listen to John Peel? Best eclectic radio person ever... the one to emulate, surely.)


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I only just found out about this
@Kickstarter to open source the Sciter HTML engine - it has <48 hours to go but I think we can do it! kickstarter.com/projects/c-smi

I don't know, but you should watch Caitlin Moran's Raised by Wolves!

"the show delineates the eccentricities of the insular, home-schooled Garry family — six children, a headstrong single mother and a randy grandfather"

(Some adjustment to UK culture may be needed.)


Beowulf went with "Hwæt"


But I'm with you: 'so' feels right, often enough.


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Excellent! was one of the hidden gems - there are still people running such a network of beebs (and masters, and archimedes)

When that high school no longer needed those beebs, some lucky person may have snapped them up! Maybe one of this half-dozen:


IT is somewhat like medicine: you have generalists, and specialists, and they use imperfect understanding to fix up very complex systems based on incomplete information.

The main difference being that IT people are self-taught.

Not only an archive of all (non-educational) bbcmicro games, but with metadata, downloadable images, cross-references to variants, and most importantly directly playable in the browser with !

Some modern games in there too - quite stunning what people can wring out of an old platform!


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