"Cowgol is an experimental, Ada-inspired language for very small systems (6502, Z80, etc). It’s different because it’s intended to be self-hosted on these devices: the end goal is to be able to rebuild the entire compiler on an 8-bit micro, although we’re not there yet."

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@EdS Isn't that just Pascal, one of Ada's primary inspirations? Pascal was originally meant to run on resource-constrained microcomputers (that typically used 6502s or Z80s)

@nytpu @EdS Pascal predates microcomputers by quite a while.

True, not “meant to run on” microcomputers but it did run on microcomputers once they came about


@nytpu @EdS I don't quite get the direct Ada influence either. Could easily just be called ALGOL-like. Maybe a good sign that Ada is getting a slightly better recognition in recent years.

humm. 8080 code generator, open source...
If $work could ever drop below 45 hour weeks I might take a stab at building a model 100 runtime library for this.

the lack of recursion really hurts though. 😢

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