Calculating digits of pi, in BBC Basic, on a PDP-11 running unix v6, emulated in the browser, with skeuomorphic realism. Including ker-thunk ker-thunk sound effects as you type.

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Hat-tip to JGH for the Basic port and website. And to aiju for the PDP11 Emulator and Pavel Krivanek for the ASR33 Teletype.

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@EdS Kind of makes me want to put BBC Basic on my -11. I bet it's nicer than DEC BASIC.

Unfortunately on has no trig functions - or indeed log, or even square root, as yet. So it's not quite ready for prime time. And
is not available. Although of course
works. Whereas, this v6 emulation does have bc available, so we can
bc -l
if we feel the need. And we do!


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