It's hard to find-- I don't think it exists online at all-- but I reread Joanne Greenberg's "Certain Distant Suns" again today, and it remains imo the best short story ever written. It was published in "High Crimes and Misdemeanors", but I found it in Alberto Manguel's "Black Water" anthology; both long out of print, neither available at my library.

@fn thank you so much; somehow I never thought of checking for it on archive!


That was a nice short story - thanks to both of you!

I see the story also appears in Nine Visions, a Book of Fantasies by Andrea LaSonde Melrose

And notably, searching for "without snow flopover or distortion" I find a 1966 piece called "Radio's pictures are just as big and chock-full of color"

@phooky @fn

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