@jirka ZX-BASIC! FUN! Enjoy. Definitely plumb the archives for some of the superb type-in-ware that got published :)

That's no ZX Basic - that's ! With the built-in assembler.

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@EdS @jirka WOW that thing sounds sweet! Actual named functions and repeat/until? I'd be in HEAVEN back in my old Atari 8 bit days :)

Details for anybody interested:


Even better news, is now free and open source:
"BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 (BBCSDL) is an advanced cross-platform implementation of BBC BASIC for Windows, Linux (x86 CPU only), Mac OS-X, (Raspbian), Android and iOS."



Richard T Russell helped specify BBC Basic back in the day, wrote the version for , then later for and , and is still maintaining it.

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@EdS @jirka That's awesome! I wonder how much of the old code still runs on the modern implementation?


I'd be pretty optimistic about backward compatibility. went through a number of implementations (Sophie Wilson's for the 6502, one which used banked memory for 64k user space, one for the ARM, one for NatSemi's 32016) and I think - other than the machine-specific assembler - it had robust abstractions. The display system always used 1024x1024 coordinate space, for example, scaled to the target display.

Some fun: Type-ins for Unattended Beebs.

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