I've just realised Clive was Kickstarter before they were. Delivery in 28 days, send your money now, no product for 6 months and then it doesn't work.

OK, sometimes it did work and was a huge success.

And sometimes Alan Sugar buys you out and then sells more of your computers than you ever did.

@EdS my first computer was a #QL. It was a great machine but you definitely needed to upgrade it. The microdrives in particular were kind of a joke and I'm glad my dad got an external 3.5" floppy drive so I never had to use them

@EdS I think Sinclair never made it to the big leagues because they never shook off the "making cheap kits and cutting every corner" mentality that they were founded on. For stuff like the ZX Spectrum that led to some genius moves like how they cut costs by using faulty RAM chips, but Sir Clive really wanted to take on the business market and the lack of business planning and quality control really sunk it as an option

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