Cray-1B, serial number 1, rebuilt for the recent SC18 conference.
Timelapse video:
The machine was on loan from the Chippewa Computer Museum. Originally installed at Los Alamos but returned to Cray: "When Serial 1 showed up in Los Alamos in 1976 it wouldn’t run for more than a few minutes yet it would run for hours in Minnesota. Turns out there was no memory protection and cosmic events at Los Alamos altitude were different enough from Minnesota."

@EdS @koenig @solderpunk @xmanmonk @clhendricksbc It actually happens, that this is me: I'm part of In the past, I was much more active. But I relocated from Munich ca. 100km east to the countryside in 2013, and since then it's just too far for helping out regularly. I concentrate on literature on Cray and other supercomputers in the meantime.

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