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Capheind boosted is a solid podcast, adding little in terms of "new content" but much in terms of curation, composition, arrangement. Recommended.

Ive owned for almost a year, probably time to do something with it...

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It feels like over time everything loses features and gets decontented to the point where it's no longer worth the trouble to use it.

Case in point: Full-featured music applications that over time become barely able to play a song without falling to pieces.

At this rate the last application will be an application that has one function, which will be broken.

(Note: this is a joke, and is not a call for whatever applications currently work for you. I'm good. Thank you..)

The entrepreneur space sure has devalued the term masterclass. It's gone from meaning an arts class taught by a widely recognized master to online courseware created by any jerk with a blog.

seed company i used to reccomend is now on parler, so im saving some money there.

I know everyone bitches about gatekeeping, but screw it, No hate in gardening spaces.

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My goal over the next several decades is "acquire many rare and beautiful chicken breeds"

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anybody know of a good way to do a call-in show style phone bank. on the cheap? where folks can call 1 number and i can have someone screen the lines.

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note to self: found anarchist garden hacking collective.

Anybody playing with a ? im looking for a replacement for my aging chromebook. just looking for a cheap unix toy i can write and edit audio on. like the idea of having a GPIO port for fiddling.

would anyone have any interest in a late night AMA gardening show? Anything from propigating dahlias to how plants have sex?

Here is the secret to gardening:

Make or aquire good compost to condition the soil, test your soil if you can, fertilize and water as needed.

There is no secret to , anyone telling you otherwise is selling malarkey.

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Neofeud 2 is a Dystopic Cyberpunk adventure game where a cyborg social worker, an ex-con and a daughter of a trillionaire take on her father as he causes planetary inequality, war and pollution for profit
Neofeud 1:

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A very productive getting my late fall/winter seedlings started.

AMA, if anybody has a weird gardening question, I happen to be a bona fide weird gardener.

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