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nazi mention, music 

Hanzel and Gretyl lose a lot of their alleged humor when there are actual Nazis out there. is down again. any other focused instances out there open to new members?

When hunting for gardening books what kind of information would be useful in a review? What helps you understand if a book is or isn't for you?

I was reading that US style is starting to crop up in which is cool, but if you celebrate it on my birthday April 29th it would be approx as many days from the southern fall equinox as oct 30th is from the northern one... Send me candy...

Im getting my back up and going, and I was wondering what kind of gardening questions you all had?

Working through Passalong . Its about the kind of plants you mostly find by knowing other gardeners. Its a bit surprising that they speak so lovingly about many plants that are notoriously invasive in the south (morning glories, etc)

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Here is a fun #Programming challenge, You have four #Dice, two green, two red.

1. You roll all four dice.
2. you remove all but the lowest die or dice
3. if you have green and red dice left the result is 0
4. If you only have green dice left the result is the number displayed
5. if you only have red dice left the result is the displayed number as a negative number.

What is the probability of the following results: -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?

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If Christmas wants to start in October I'm taking out to August!

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Who wants to help save the #USPS by #roleplaying? Im looking to start as many as 5 #ttrpgs play-by-mail (#pbm). I want to start with @questrpg (fantasy) and Mindjammer (transhuman scifi) whos in?

top to bottom left to right:

Teperary beans that I havent watered them directly in weeks.

Greek Cucumbers


Gold Nugget Squash that I think is ready but I dont wanna pick another one with green flesh.

Wide shot with Amaranth

And a tiny jumping spider on my growbag.

I've seen hundreds of cornflowers but i honestly dont remember ever growing them before. My daughter made short work of it, but beautiful while it lasted.

Rebuilding my focused after taking a hiatus for most of the year has been ruff. I never had great numbers but geeze. If hour following me snd you used to listen please give a listen and see what you think.

Beating Bitter . Why they go bitter, how to avoid it, and why I skip a season and grow a wonderful Knockoff.

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the heat-death of mastodon is when we've all got our own single-user instances which have been defederated from everyone else

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