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Anybody interested in some old school Dungeons and Dragons Play By Email? I'll be using Adventurer Conqueror King, which is basically Basic/eXpert Dungeons and Dragons from the 80s. The full pitch is on my blog, reply here or there

Finally got up the interview with Mark Chance of Spes Magna games, I'd like to thank you Mark for your time, and for being a guinea pig. We just discuss his work and the OSR in general. I have two more interviews I need to get off youtube and into podcast format, and I'll be releasing those over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy

So my baby can sit up now, next step is to get her to stop eating the dice so we can play some D&D...

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Sometimes you take a photo and it just needs a giant robot in it, ya know?

Did an awesome interview with Denis McCarthy, one of the artists for Blood and Treasure, Nod Magazine, and Blueholm, you can check it out on youtube below, it'll be on my podcast stream next week after I do some audio cleanup.

So trying to run a spur of the moment D&D game via Mastodon or Twitter was a failure :P

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what no D&D on ? Come brave adventurers! to heroism at the perimeter of Queen Califas Empire!

Scattering coin across the bar, strangely not taking notice of its hue or number, he takes the pint in one swig, and begins frantically writing, mumbling to himself that "it couldn't be, it just couldn't be." in the soft sibilant tone of his homeland. As the assembled adventuring companies begin sizing him up you and your companions make your move... Who are you and what do you do?

The Tabernae is lively tonight, the bush is raised high and the ale flows cheap and fresh. Your enjoying a brief rest while you mull over the slim pickings to be found on the quest board. Suddenly a swarthy skinned man from tule, bursts in the door, panicked and disheveled. The mans rich red sin sweats bullets as he makes his way to the bar. Though he wears the dress common to merchants of tule, it is ripped and torn, he begs the barman for drink and paper to send a message to his homeland...

I think what eats away at me, as a Trekkie, isn't just that the new stuff deviates so hard from Trek as we know it, its the fact that the new movies didn't "need" to be trek, they didn't use the characters or details of the trek universe in any real way. In the new show they are totally reworking klingons.. so why even call them klingons? Its like they want to invest what trek means to people into these works while simultaneously making trek mean absolutely nothing.

I posted on Google+ to see if any OSR types wanted to do interviews about the stuff they are working on and got an amazing response, YAY.

finally splurged on a domain, is up and running

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