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mi trinkas multan viskion.

if your an speaker lemme know? I'm trying to work that out.

Mia amo estas preta fari 1 tagon de esperanto al 2 tagoj de ASL

in eng
My love is willing to do 1 day of to 2 days of

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I apologize to my listener, I was sick yesterday (and today) and was unable to podcast.

can this just be a thing? can just show up and drown out assholes?

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I didn't force gamerbot to retoot, Here is my about religion in Old School D&D

Did a new over at the Half-Dead Dadcast about a range of random things.

Cranked out a new about in games. Its a bit Rambly

So I failed to produce an of my @Podcast this week, lets see if my fan notices :)

@WelshPixie howdy, as a language coach how would you say short language segments on a monthly podcast should be handled?

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Rough sketchy line practicey thing. I'll finish it tomorrow ^.^ #mastoart

New episode of my (explicit) wherein I talk about quite a bit.

My is on Itunes, Stitcher, and Play, just search for halfdead dadcast

My is on Itunes, Stitcher, and Play, just search for TheOSRPodcast

Anybody interested in some old school Dungeons and Dragons Play By Email? I'll be using Adventurer Conqueror King, which is basically Basic/eXpert Dungeons and Dragons from the 80s. The full pitch is on my blog, reply here or there