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I think I've seduced my significant other into ! She's a gamer, all i had to do was tell her about DX competitions and achievements.

We bought study guides for all three tests. With a bit of work we may both be Extras next year.

Ive been listening to The KBC online lately. Playing around with WebSDR i still haven't found where it can be heard "on the air".

Got all 3 license study guides to study with my SO. She got super interested in HF when i told her about contesting....

Just found out about although I don't have the hardware yet to listen to it. Not sure why Broadcast is so suddenly interesting to me. But if I could afford to I'd totally setup a station.

The ARRL has two podcasts, "On the Air" is part of their newbie friendly initiative of the same name, and Eclectic tech which covers alot of the fun niche tech in the space.

They are both very bad things because now I want to do crazy stuff with weather balloons and giant Long wave antennas.

Bored internet dudes really want there to be some heated rivalry between Amateur Radio and GMRS.

Im at a childrens hospital with my daughter dealing with pnumonia and things have started to take a really good turn for her. I attribute it to the email i just got from the fcc telling me my GMRS license just went through.

So can't get to work on because it its using an outdated Python and I don't have the chops to sort that out. So I installed a Debian virtual machine but the chirp from the repository doesn't work at all, and the flatpak looks like it'll work but then after clicking through all the dialogues no download screen. grrrr.

My dad wanted to show me the yardsale "" he bought a few years ago. Its a Drake tr-22c, a crystal tuned 12 channel 2 meter radio from the 70s. Not much practical value now, but back then pouch/purse radios were a reliable alternative to often unreliable handheld units.

Capheind boosted needs more shows. If you a) know what is and b) you have not introduced yourself please so so.

What frequencies should I use?

"Consult the ARRL band plan for general guidelines, but check the band plan of your regional Frequency coordinator."

Ok who is my frequency coordinator?

"Check with the National Frequency Coordinator's Council."

Looks up the NFCC.

"The NFCC was dissolved in 2014, although it was practically non-existant for several years before that."

Well crap.

Any folks know of a good primer on ? I've watched a few videos and read some articles but i havent had much luck with the local echolink repeaters.

Im fairly sure i have my properly programmed now. I was able to Tx on a local repeater and hear myself through the echolink app.

Participated in my first net today! Also the first response to a Tx ive gotten. I could hear the net in freq mode but not in channel mode so i need to play around in chirp some more.

Went to my first meeting of the local club. Starting with the pledge of allegiance was odd, but otherwise they were nice and helpful. I was the youngest dude in the room. They were really worried about bringing in new folks because it was a room with 22 folks in it, 2 of which were unlicensed spouses.

Any folks on @FreeBSD know how to get installed? looks like its in comms/chirp but its being depreciated due to a dependency on an older version of python.

Well the local club had their net. When they asked if anyone wanted to introduce themselves I hit that PTT button and... nothing. Im not sure what I've set wrong.

Got my ! Now to figure out what im doing! Also need to figure out so i can pop into the meetings.

I retook it with a bit of sleep deprivation and got 49% so that feels more realistic.

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