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I don’t want my kids to grow up soft


I hope my kids don’t have to work at 15, I hope my kids don’t have to be embarrassed by their patched up hand-me-down clothes, I hope my kids are soft and gentle and learn Shakespeare and Latin and write poetry and compose music, and never have to worry about money or healthcare or peace because that…that MEANS WE FUCKING WON

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got asked this in a chemistry class for extra credit, WTF. anyways:

"Describe a time that you overcame a barrier to be successful. What was the barrier? How were you able to overcome it?"

"Yesterday I dropped a waffle, I was really sad about it. you see my life's goal was to be a man who never missed out on a good waffle. But I pulled through, ate the floor waffle, and that has made all the difference. "

I'm going to try installing on my . Can't find anything online about it, just alot of tutorials on dual booting.

Just had a creationist claim peer review and reproducibility were unnecessary constraints.... done with that one.

Week one as an official OSU isn't going too bad. Taking 3 more credits than i needed to qualify as full time turned out to be a mistake so i dropped a class.

Seed Savers is having their 41st annual conference, Collective Cultivation: A Celebration of Community and Seed, held virtually July 16-17

Both the prerecorded sessions and recordings of the live sessions will be available. The wording on the site might be a little confusing, I don't think you have to donate to participate.

Got so worried about starting at OSU That i didn't do anything for summerween.....

Oh right! It's the Summer Sale! 😱

You can get all my spooky-sweet stories of necromancy, including my novel, novelette and two short stories, for 50% off (or a little over $5 for the lot).

Proper promotional post about it tomorrow, but have a link!

@protonvpn Your VPN service doesn't seem to fool google play store region locking, any particular reason why?

A belated #sundiy
I set up a little sign for the pandemic patch herb garden. Its held up with some rope i made of blackberry fibres

Just prepped a bed and stuck a "last stand" marker in it. I've seeded it with all the flowers i haven't had luck starting. Its partial shade but in sunny hot bakersfield thats fairly close to full sun elsewhere.

Another time I am frustrated with my lack of skills for developing tools to help me. I just need an app where I can record the plants I planted and have them remind me when they are set to harvest where I have multiple, unrelated gardens... I have one at work and one at home and it's hard to keep track of the plants since I'm still inexperienced

The claim that bonus unemployment payments must be stopped, because employers are having difficulty finding workers, is :
1) logically equivalent to an admission on the part of employers that working for them is so AWFUL that people won't do it unless threatened with starvation & homelessness ;
2) possibly the best reason I can think of to continue the payments.

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