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If you’re developing ethical alternatives to Big Tech, please set aside 50 minutes and watch a talk on experience design that I gave eight years ago. I promise you’ll have a fun time and whatever it is you’re making will be better for it.


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The "free shipping" you get on Prime items is actually paid for by a one-third markup that everyone who buys anything on Amazon, or in *any other store*, pays.

In other words, Amazon hasn't just used its monopoly power to raise prices on its own customers, but on *everyone's* customers. And that is the *one thing* that US antitrust law still vigorously punishes.


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If Californians want cheap, symmetrical (fast uploads as well as downloads) gigabit and beyond internet at their homes and businesses, we must get our state legislature to pass this infrastructure plan next month. We have to rally in Sacramento—right now.

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EFF is proud to support this year's USENIX LISA! Learn from a wide variety of computing professionals at #LISA21.

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Today in the garden, this is blooming. It’s a Prince of Orange oriental poppy.

#florespondence @plants

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In the category of seeds id given up on that decided to sprout anyways, Bishops Children Dahlias and Bells of Ireland.

BSD, strong language, adult themes. 

Ive been coming around on permissive free software licenses. Trying to fix our busted copyright/patent system with a clever licensing hack is a bit like trying to fuck your way to virginity.

Snail trauma 

A snail my daughter found with a love dart still embedded. I suspect this one is a casualty of love.

For the folks running their own instances whats a realistic setup? Vps? Mastohost? What kind of bandwidth and resource usage are you seeing?

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I'm currently homeless without steady income or health insurance in a country where I don't have access to the social system.

Thanks to previous donations through Patreon I have money for about another month, but could really use one of two things:

Donations to not starve and possibly get into full-time free media and software production: (also has my IBAN)

*Ethically acceptable* part-time employment:

Boosts welcome. :)

Some pics from my garden this week. A mix of flowers from my ornamental bed (loads of California poppies), a huge (30' around) squash, a mix of different beans and tomatoes, and corn cobs forming up.

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anyone know about plant/botany-related instances? retoots appreciated :BoostOK:

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Im thinking of going on a social media diet. I hate facebook, and i enjoy twitter for entirely horrible reasons that make me an objectively worse person.

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Californians: tell your local lawmaker to invest in building out our public broadband fiber network. Otherwise, most of us will remain trapped in a cable monopoly market paying 2x to 3x above competitive rates for sluggish internet service.

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Brief sojourn to the Dreaded Outside after playing ME Andromeda for three days straight and let me tell you it's boring as heck out in the real world. Where my deep azure blue acid lakes, giant purple mushrooms, huge alien monster-birbs in the sky? Zzzzz

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OMFG... lol; lost my password again or rather had all of it right but the one weird character you're supposed to include to make it stronger. Fuck me, but I'm back lol.

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“Linux is about freedom. It’s about the little guy sticking it to the big guy.”

Meanwhile, The Linux Foundation board of directors…



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