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clockwise: purple Pea , Onion tops, Perennial experiment, tied up , Broadbean flowers, My winter plot.

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Currently oggling the T490 thinkpad... so yeah going to probably go thinkpad.

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Well i was accepted at the University of Oregon Ecampus (let the beaver jokes begin). So now to decide whether i want to major in or . Ill likely minor in the other.

Andy MacDowell's entire career is playing characters oblivious to the plot of the movie....

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All legal proceedings should be done with kitten zoom filters and streamed on twitch from now on.

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Since end 2020 banned linking in FB posts to stating "violation of community standards". Multiple people filed complaints but nothing happened, no responses, no explanations, nothing. Please help (RT/like or comment how to proceed). Thanks!

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PS - Tesla is literally just a giant pile of cash, much of it state subsidized.

So what Elon Musk has done here, is take your money, used it to buy bitcoins, in which he personally is already heavily invested, and thus driving up the price of Bitcoin and? Making him a fuck load of money.

So, congrats; all you clapping seals just got taken to the cleaners.

I'm not a huge fan of excessive plastics in the , but im also not a fan of judging people for what they gotta do. Give your local dollar store a look @plants @plantifa

I may have the dosh to get a real after taxes this year. Whats a good reasonably modern laptop supported by or for the budget conscious cheepskate?

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feeling nostalgic about when i cared more hahaha. i put a lot of effort into these and now i barely promote at all, i need to up my game.

note: these are old, i don't do the LOW WIRE show anymore but you can catch me on 2300 Wednesday and Friday

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Based on their arguments i can only assume are terrified of and .

Their never like "The Earth must be young because of Bryophytes".

I don't know who needs to hear this, but:

Most major streaming services have Train and Model Train videos. There are even 'hobo' youtubers who take gopros with them while hoppin cars.

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