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#introductions just an alt/backup of @Capheind since im playing around on a bit these days.

Baby Nut fufills the prophecy, we've reached peak capitalism.

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By the way is there a black instance on here? Or not even just a solely black instance like an instance that's like majority of people of colour? because I really don't feel like getting lectured by white people in this instance.

Uspol, birdsite, leftism 

For those abstaining from birdsite, the fake left grifters have predictably shown their Nazi Boners over the fascist insurrectionists, deleted the tweets, then taken the "all revolutions are good, you just don't have the stomach for it" Shit Take.

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What are people’s thoughts about the Signal AMA on reddit?

I actually think we should be using XMPP. I do use Signal, but what I hear coming from Moxie is a lot of arrogance and condescension.

OSU has an online Botany BS..... Is crushing debt worth being legit....

I love discussions in the form of:

I wish someone would make something that does thing X.

Dong tell me to use "Thing that does X" since I've decided to hate it for .... some vague reason.

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guess who is back in chest infection hell!!

is it worse than every other infection i’ve had in the last 12 months?

did it come out of nowhere and get really bad overnight?

are we able to work with me bedbound and my partner being my caregiver?

can we afford medications or food?
fuck no!

if anyone has the capacity to help us out it would be very appreciated, this is incredibly exhausting for us both.

venmo/cashapp @ luciluc

Gf: Whats the opposite of a bear?


Gotta keep my cover, can't have her discovering the -Bears.

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But 1033's defenders insisted (without any evidence) that turning Deputy Dawg into a USMC Fallujah Street Patrol Cosplayer seriously improved the quality of US policing.

They were wrong.

The Pentagon Inspector General's September 30, 2020 report on the program is definitive: "firearms and tools ... were not supporting law enforcement activities."


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I want to get my podcast up and rolling again, but with current events and 2 young kids i just feel blah....

Facebook, NAZIs, rant-cursing 

I made the mistake of looking at "hot-takes-from-your-friends-shitty-relatives book today.... AAAAAAAAAAAA

I know most social media platforms have issues (even fedi) but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

All of Disney's aquasitions have been to own Eddie Murpheys entire film history. Dreamworks is next....


Team R is out in force trying to claim this is a left wing false flag op, and Brunch force Five is trying to out the left as somehow right so they can be the real lefties.


Armed terrorists are in our capital right now and cops are doing absolutely nothing about it... This is why we don't need them.

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