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I decided to split up my mastodon like I did my bird site. So...

Dad jokes, general nerd stuff, podcasting, SDF love, Occasional Politics.

Official toots from the Plus or Minus , , ,

Official Toots from the Tea Jay's Garden Podcast, , , , .

So follow me based on what you wanna hear and reply/@ me if you wanna be followed for these.

I'm here to plug my and follow cool folks since G+ died and MeWe ain't for me. If you are posting cool stuff (especially outside of D&D, but even ) post and I'll probably follow you unless your non-rpg posts aren't my bag.

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the lord of the rings films arent historically accurate because they skipped the tom bombadil sequence

It was a really cool session. My character was blind and it was definitely a unique experience feeling and hearing my way through events, even though (because its an RPG) it was often an exercise in striking descriptions from my own personal record. Hit up the Survival of the Able kickstarter guys.

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Medieval blind woman being dragged by a mad Portuguese scurvy Dog,

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About to play Survival of the Able with Jacob Wood of and the folks at might toot about it as I go.

Hello. I'm Troy, host of the Plus or Minus Podcast. On the show I explore the gaming engine and games developed with it (like , , Psy-Punk, Blood in Space, The Princess Bride, etc.). You can listen @

I'm going to be on my ( ) again tonight at 9:30 pm PST to chat about and maybe get some gaming going.

I got an episode out for Halloween. Riffing off Jeff Dee's concept of " Immersive " I discuss the roles of immersion and narration in design.

Unless something comes up I'll be hanging out on my discord ( voice channel at 9:30 pm PST. We can chat about or even play a pickup game if folks are up for it. I need to get my on....

Anybody running anything online nights or weekends (pst)? Or interested to play if I run? I haven't gamed in too long.

If your not listening to openmetalcast what are you doing with your life?

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I'm going to cram the next two weeks and see if I can get my and hopefully license ( ). I just noticed my license, which I never used, is about to expire and I figured I should have a fancy premium license not to use. Any tips?

Why is nobody talking about The Princess Bride ? It's the freaking Princess Bride, its inconceivable that nerds aren't going nuts for this.

I think I'm going to shoot for doubling my listenership this season. If your not listening to Plus or Minus () maybe give it a go. Its the only dedicated to the . is an game system using a simple to understand adjective based system for character stats, and an interesting mechanic which focuses on character ability. Listen at

If you are a listener please boost this to reach a larger audience. Thanks.

Did an interview with Wes Otis! We talk about sound design, unique challenges involved in , and his 10 minute loops for RPGs. also The Princess Bride , and Survival of the Able.

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