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My mother always said "Just create something, even if it's stupid." And I would ask her what she created, and she'd Pat me on the head as she walked away, repeating "even if it's stupid..."

New Episode of Plus or Minus just went up. This episode covers actually jumping in and getting started with the Fudge Roleplaying Game!

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Yaaaasssss! Next part is doing a mandala behind it, but I'll do that later :) #MastoArt

so maybe now can be my replacement for Google+. who posts stuff I should be following?

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I'm always aiming for neater, cleaner, steadier lines. I sometimes have a bit of a tremor in my hand, and sometimes feel a kind of 'disconnect' between my hand and brain while I'm drawing - slowing down helps combat both. In the immortal words of Simon & Garfunkel - 'Slow down, you move too fast; you gotta make the moment last!' 😁 Pretty happy with these lines so far. #MastoArt

dang it Google+ you had one job. I know everyone keeps calling it a ghost town, but that several thousand users everyone dismisses were mostly tabletop nerds talking about our games.

This week on Plus or Minus I'm talking dice, Fudge/Fate dice, other alternatives, and excuses to bust out the D30.

Just a reminder. I set up a discord server for discussing and its derivatives. Its more specifically linked to my , but its open to any fans of the system.

New episode of plus-or-minus is up. In this episode I start the first half of a two part review of A Magical Medley.

Can we get funding for by rebranding it Space Force and gluing guns to everything?

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Upgraded my TRS80. Mainboard is a ASROCK 960GC-GS FX. Keeps support for a 5.25 Floppy drive if I ever put it back in.

It's another exciting episode of Plus or Minus! Give it a listen fans. Tell your friends, even the ones who play and .

Woo hoo, EMPLOYED. Got a gig "Nutrition Educator" with the boys and girls club. They are basically paying me to maintain a veggie garden. WOOOT.

@Capheind oh, caus it wasn't my country what did it. twere the EU that done it.

a bunch of companies have sent me updated privacy policies, and I haven't heard of any new privacy laws getting passed....

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