Show newer oooh thats nifty. they have it listed as "100" so i think i have that right. It's the local club (W6LIE) so if i can get over to their meeting tomorrow I may join up.

Any folks on @FreeBSD know how to get installed? looks like its in comms/chirp but its being depreciated due to a dependency on an older version of python.

@wilbr I think its working but nobody was on right then. Should have my programming cable soon. Also thinking of joining the local club.

@wilbr No i need to order the cable and program it. All ive changed is the offset (just listed as minus on their website) and the PL tone i set to 100. Im guessing there are other settings i need to fiddle with. Its 145.150 mhz

Well the local club had their net. When they asked if anyone wanted to introduce themselves I hit that PTT button and... nothing. Im not sure what I've set wrong.

@art Really? I started an app yesterday and it was pretty straitforward. Where are you running into issues?

@stug ive logged into it but I haven't figured out what to do with it.

@stug wouldn't happen to know of any good walkthroughs on connecting to an echolink repeater?

Got my ! Now to figure out what im doing! Also need to figure out so i can pop into the meetings.

I retook it with a bit of sleep deprivation and got 49% so that feels more realistic.

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Got a 60% on the General License practice exam. I started studying before the pandemic but haven't even looked at it since. So now im sneaking in some study time.

@art Just ordered one. Feeling really silly i didn't get one ages ago.

@kadin cool. I ordered a UV-5R to get started. So when that gets here I can start fiddling. I "think" there is an echolink repeater out here.

(I've been using as my main lately so I'll use this one for radio stuff.)

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Time to buy a BaoFeng and actually use my amateur license. Ive had it since about 2009 and never used it.


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Please don't spam this channel with newbie questions about "help im drowning" and "gblrblgrlb" before reading the quickstart documentation, thanks

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