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Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to slip in to the background of your favorite science fiction television show, and have a chance to explore deep space or make a home on the edges of a vast galactic federation, this is your chance.

We have an in character social network and forum in which the various inhabitants of the Solar Federation Universe can interact.

At the moment, it is the central hub of the Solar Federation, and the forum through which all major contributions to the story are made.

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A very merry #Hogswatch to all!

Waiting for our insane ~8lb pork pie to cool and enjoying a nice port.

Spent a little time in after . Its been a bit it was nice

Reconfigured my raspberry pi to mirror the HDMI on my pitft touchscreen. I find the resolution to be kind of crap, but it does open up some apps. I still think I'm going to keep using this as a mostly console machine.

I have managed to accumulate a fair few alts so i think ill use this one for the rare times i get to play with my tech toys and fiddle around on servers. general , , junk. , , , . , , and general mad , , , Fate, , stuff.

Testing out so feel free to follow Me too. But if there is a weird, obscure, and possibly useless side of any interest I'll become obsessed with it. Had to look this crap up. its going to incorporate teslas autopilot? You mean the one that has an existential crisis when it sees the sun and plows into a semi? Ill probably buy it as a lottle reward if i pass my general. Dangit. Ive already bought my limit of ARRL books for the time being. Is usually quiet? I've been thinking of moving over there. Currently im buying books to dig in after I finish this quarter. Im really getting interested in LongWave I just gotta find a good compromise antenna for 630 and longer wavelengths. I've also been impulse joining orgs (ARRL, AMSAT, AND LWCA so far.

@bulkington Yeah its gotta be a poe. A NFTBro would have no clue what Tulipmania was.

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