Joke about a porn site. 

Its gotta be weird when the CEO of Pornhub shows up for a family dinner with his step-siblings right?

@gcm3 Dunno what the first one is, but Ive fallen for "Have some of my grandmas Kimchi, its basically cole slaw!" Before!

I've been working an internship and haven't had the spare energy to goof around on Pubnixen lately, and I'm the worse for it.

There's a surge in folks telling writers to "Stay in their lane. Be non-political. Don't alienate readers."

If you've read my books and think I'd ever do any of this, you haven't understood my books.

I gleefully offended people with a book on a forty year old text editor.

My lighthearted SF mysteries? Post-apocalyptic? The six foot Weiner Dentata? Political.

Beaks? Bwahahaha, wildly political.

Cozy mysteries? Sorry, folks, "git commit murder" is political AF.

@mwlucas "keep politics out of it" is the only tool in the status quo toolbox.

Humans are political animals, literally everything we do is dripping in politics.

Upgraded from 13 preview to 13.1 and it somehow tanked my Mate install. But I was missing so I switched. So far happy with the choice :)

Not sure if its right for #FediHire but im looking for a #Job or #Internship somewhere in the southern end of #California. I need to get in some work hours for my #Horticulture Bs. It can be in any field of Horticulture.

Through #podcasting I have some experience in #scicom, I also managed a large #learning #garden for over 2 years for an afterschool program.

@DianeBruce Yup. I'm over there as . Haven't really done much though. I still only own the Baofeng even though I have my Amateur and GMRS licenses.

Screw it, using my FreeBSD box for schoolwork today. I'm 80% sure I don't need windows specific crap for it today :)

Anybody know of a CMS or similar where comments can be annotated into a document? So instead of posting a comment in the comments section it can be posted directly after the paragraph they are commenting on

Getting some random new Follows so I guess.

Ive been on the SDF public unix server intermittently for years. Im not much of a programmer and I no longer work in Networking so i mostly use it for Social and goofing around.

I don't use this alt much. My main is where I post and stuff. I have other alts for Gardening, Amateur Radio, and Gaming listed there.

@mwlucas Doesn't seem to specify editions. Not that BECMI and AD&D were really ever "satanic" but 5e is hardly what they were complaining about.

also logged into and hanging out in if you wanna say hi

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