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Wanna hear about PHONES? listen to in 8 minutes and dial 1088 via or 206-299-2120 ext 1088 from the PSTN

I'm debating what rule system to use as sort of a baseline for discussing sci-fi RPGs. I'm divided between Open D6 and Fudge, I like Savage Worlds but I haven't used it enough myself, and I love OSR sci-fi but I think that would flavor things a bit much. Thoughts?

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Having a nagging cough is annoying. I really don't want to push back my this far.

@WelshPixie I wonder if you can order corporate apparel, I need a shirt :)

Ash Vs. The Evil Dead almost makes up for this shit chest cold.

getting a nasty chest cold on the week you intend to is no fun. oh well my listener will understand.

I've had the plague all through the holidays... Happy Hogmanay folks!

@WelshPixie could have saved Time by just feeding it a copy of the worst witch and The Lord of the Rings...

So they're making a buddy cop movie with Will Smith and an orc are they just fucking with Shadowrun fans at this point

New CapheindPlays Podcast. Reviewing some supplements, the new Adversary Toolkit, and talking about Culture Conflicts. Enjoy

Happy turkey day! feliĉa meleagra tago!

@xmanmonk I feel like that plus my droning voice would put people to sleep. I was thinking more like battle sounds or something at a relatively low volume in the background.

anybody have any strong feelings about ambient noise in the back of a podcast?