SO: Sea Shanties are popular on tiktok right now

Me: oh cool < Cranks Scottish Pirate Speed Metal dubstep remix >

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Things don't happen to me. I'm a thing that happens to people.

And I wholly endorse this approach of happening to people.

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Owncast users, rejoice!

@craftamap worked on a Firefox extension that lets you follow Owncast instances, and notifies you when a stream goes online!

Get it here:

@opensourcegardens Are you folx involved withe the Open Source Seed Initiative?

@mcmoots @plants last year i buy from them... Kinda wished I'd read that before reccomending them on my podcast (with caveats for their nonsense views on hybrids/gmo).

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I have no further context on this but here's an interesting tidbit about bad politics at Baker Creek seeds:

I love reading their catalog but was already not planning to order from them b/c (0) a lot of their varieties are kind of marginal in my climate, (1) they don't provide good info on their seeds (days to maturity, germination temp, etc.), (2) the one time I did order from them, one of my packets contained the wrong species.

@plants #gardening

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Clearly I need to rename the Video Chat Patronizer level as "Meet The Rats."

In 2021 im rebooting Tea Jay's Garden with a keen focus on providing evidence based information, free culture, and delving into organizing and mutual aid. It starts with:

@human_equivalent So that us Anglophones can feel left out for a change. Lol

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Since the PR to remove Gab's block is getting some traction again I stated a bit more clearly my position here.

(please don't swarm the discussion, I'm just posting it here so that my position will be clearly known)

Also, I'm working on a blog post (since some time in fact) to state more in depth the reasons that made me do this, and to talk on various subjects around it.
I hope it will be ready soon. 😉

I am still getting tomatoes here.
if you mean crops that'll grow through winter thats going to depend on the severity of your winter and the ingenuity of your season extensions.
If you can provide mild conditions Peas, Lima Beans, Broad Beans, and lettuces can all grow and produce over the winter. Many alliums are grown through winter for spring, and as already mentioned loads of long season crops are grown for winter.

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Going to reiterate this again:

Companies do not want your free labor. They only want you to be a fan on their own terms.

Nintendo does not want your fan-made creations. Period. Stop giving them free labor.

The only safe way to create things in Nintendo's universes is with a signed contract. Everything else is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

#nintendo #dmca #techdirt

@ackthrice Generally, soap cleans your body detergents are for cleaning things.

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@deejoe @ackthrice commercial Insecticidal soaps are Sodium Hydroxide based i believe (like the Safer brand).

The key thing is that soaps, as a class, tend to disrupt the waxy cuticles of plants less. Keep in mind less isn't none and even insecticidal soap should be sprayed directly on pests and not broadcast over a plant.

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We’re all familiar with free libraries, right? Meet free blockbuster video. Perfect for dropping burned DVD’s that you torrented off the innerwebs into, I mean, erm donating your legitimately purchased movies you not longer watch now that streaming has become a thing.

@ackthrice Detergents are a class of chemicals that break down lipids and other organic compounds (hence degreasing) while soaps are a mix of fats and oils. Thats why hand soap is less drying than dish "soap" or laundry Detergents.

It can kill bugs since their cuticles are lipids (and it can smother), but so are the cuticles of plants. Thats why dish "soap" based homemade insecticides can work but they can also kill plants in inclement weather, or invite fungal infections.

Is getting a 4 yr degree actually useful when your pushing 40? Like am i just getting myself into crushing debt for a paper vanity plate.

If you asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to be it would mostly have been a botanist when it wasn't an astronaut.

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