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Hey, can anybody recommend a professional layout person for an RPG rulebook? I've been trying to do it myself but I think I might be in over my head.

Experience with products published on DriveThruRPG (or similar) is a major plus.

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Now that owns can Ryan Reynolds and Scott Bakula get to work on vs. I-Man?

@attercap there hasn't been a flood of new products but there are still a few publishers out there working on it. It's the subject of my Plus or Minus . Also the new is based.

@Yoric anything firmly dependent on the Aspect Fate Point Economy. Also most of the bonuses in Fate are a bit bigger than they would be in Fudge.

Lucky episode 13 of the Plus or Minus ! I explore the or Bronze Rule and it's origins in, and applicability to, .

@viciousviscosity it's Fate based, but there is a Traveller edition, I've also been considering converting it back to fudge.

@viciousviscosity you can play a hyperintelligent asexual memetics engineer who, with the help of his AI-uplifted cephelapod assistant, and their captain who is also their ship, just might guide a bunch of (human, chimp, and Sasquatch) space Canadians out of an escalating civil war set to ravage their world....

@viciousviscosity I probably plug this setting far too much but the mindjammer RPG has a lot of stuff like that in it.

@viciousviscosity but they wouldn't engage in warfare as we know it due to the high risks of collateral damage, plus the target could always "salt the earth" literally. It would be all cultural manipulation, nanites, and engineered viruses. Their mightiest warriors would be psychohistorians in the humanities department.

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@viciousviscosity because warfare is a resource Intensive practice that causes considerable collateral damage. A group of fanatical ecologists wouldn't use conventional warfare at all.

In the special episode of Plus or Minus I talk a bit about the MeWe migration, but mostly focus on stealing good ideas from RPGs into .

@Frotz good luck! Adventurer league in alot of areas has given way to an impenetrable cluster of regulars

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a draft pencil work for "Organic Compound". #comics #art

The web interface on is down, just keeps going to error

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Fun fact: the earliest museum curator we know about was a woman, Princess Ennigaldi of Ur, whose museum catalogued artifacts from earlier Babylonian and surrounding cultures. Her father, King Nabonidus, was the first known archaeologist.

Ennigaldi, who lived in the mid-6th century BCE, meticulously labeled each item in her museum - in three languages! - and took great care to preserve them; some of her collection dated back at least 1500 years.

If everyone posted their gaming links with the tag ... We could confuse a sizeable portion of Mastodon. Http://

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