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I'm going to cram the next two weeks and see if I can get my and hopefully license ( ). I just noticed my license, which I never used, is about to expire and I figured I should have a fancy premium license not to use. Any tips?

@sergio_101 always, but not for that right now. I've been trying to get a The Princess Bride RPG going.

Why is nobody talking about The Princess Bride ? It's the freaking Princess Bride, its inconceivable that nerds aren't going nuts for this.

I think I'm going to shoot for doubling my listenership this season. If your not listening to Plus or Minus () maybe give it a go. Its the only dedicated to the . is an game system using a simple to understand adjective based system for character stats, and an interesting mechanic which focuses on character ability. Listen at

If you are a listener please boost this to reach a larger audience. Thanks.

Did an interview with Wes Otis! We talk about sound design, unique challenges involved in , and his 10 minute loops for RPGs. also The Princess Bride , and Survival of the Able.

@craigmaloney I'm still working my way through the older episodes. Great stuff. Should be caught up when you get back

@uxintro @craigmaloney @talkthetalk I'd also be interested in how many mastodon are RPG podcasters.i started mine because there were no regular Fudge or even Fate podcasts.

A little short, and a little late, but at least I got something out. I present 'tags' a replacement for, or supplement to, skills and attributes in the . Get the full ep

DM Sarah O'Leary and I discuss my for our campaign. If you have trouble getting a larger gaming group together 1on1 play can let you dig deep without fixed time commitments, but does sacrifice some of the social aspects.

@uxintro neat, I do love a good preserved fish. But it's the gummies that DM Sarah sneaks into the recordings.

@uxintro awesome sauce, share it with your friends, relations, random people on the bus, swedish fish marketers, etc., We should be recording some gameplay this weekend so some 5e action should be posted on Monday.

Episode 2 of DM vs GM is live, listen to the entire episode at! In this episode we talk about all the "Stuff" that makes a game work. Like physical Stuff... Dice and junk.

@Reinderdijkhuis I'm open to it, but how do you pretend to be all of them when you stumble on a fernery?

@UnconventionalEmma as an ethnobotanist you might get a giggle out of the fact that this took place in a learning garden I run.

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