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Martian colony for-profit-prison-slavery with private billionaire resorts were predicted in Neofeud. Just sayin'!

Greatest healthcare in the world, I'm more worried about the ER copays than whatevers festering in my lungs.

There are three kinds of people in this country: people who grew up with an Italian deli, people who grew up with a Jewish deli, and people who dont know what I'm talking about. I ordered them based on my preferences.

@craigmaloney it was easier to build a community for my Fudge RPG podcast there than trying to get everyone on the IRC

Hey dog owners, If YOU are cold THEY are... probably fine depending on breed. I mean they have built in fur coats and insulating foot pads. Some of them are even bred to live in arctic conditions and really enjoy snow.

@eldaking @noelle at minimum we need a small offensive to push it back past thanksgiving to give Halloween a break...

Two guys were asking a facebook group for help naming their paranormal . My first thought was "Two Idiots who Think Ghosts are Real" but that's too long to show up in iTunes properly...

Musings on my sexuality, details of what intrested in the past 

@dbisdorf I dont know of one offhand but you could reduce most skill based systems to this. Like with fate/fudge have everyone involved roll the skill they are using, then adjucate the whole fight based on that.

If your a listener tell them what topics you'd like them to dive deeper into. If your not a listener let them know what would make you a listener. Podcasts are either Diaries, courses, or entertainment and all three require some degree of playing to an audience.

The most useless advice you can give a who is begging for feedback is "Make what YOU like." Obviousely they like the subject they are covering, they are trying to work out what kind of things their audience would find useful. 1/2

After about 2 years of I can safely say enjoying a activity (that's not your profession) is way more valuable than being any good at it !

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Salvation Army PSA 

@socialskeleton @cuttlefish I actually consider advantage to be pretty elegant. Although in the edition wars I was long ago enlisted in the B/X army.

@hardmous I know you think that explained it... but somehow I now feel like I know even less...

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