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Hello, Fediverse!

I need more people to test my YouTube request bot at @vc to weed out bugs and check if it can sustain a load.

The bot downloads YouTube videos and re-uploads them as Fediverse posts with video attachments, transcoding them as necessary (for videos up to 15 minutes long).

Also, having more users would be awesome, so please reblog this post! :meimei_yay:

@mlg Thanks.

just make sure you stick to cool not cold temps and they should eventually ripen.

Those that had just started to turn will definitely color up. Just store them stem side down, not touching, and in a cool place, the 65-80 deg F range is best.

High 70s for getting the ripening going, but you'll want to stick closer to 70 or just under to extend storing.

@mlg Some.

I live in a warm climate so I've had tomatoes producing right up until early december. ive kept tomatoes on a shelf in a shed for weeks before but not specifically winter storage.

the key thing to remember about storage tomatoes is that they aren't storing, yhey are ripening. so you cant rely on a specific time table, you have to monitor them.

Also storage/long keeping varieties produce the entire growing season. Your still going to get most of your tomatoes too early to store.

@sergeisilence a seedling tray of planting mix, but pea sprouts are also a thing if a soil tray isnt practical. it doesn't require fertilizer or even a very good planting mix.

You can also grow "Tendril" varieties and just clip the tendrils. Im growing some of those this year.

@sergeisilence @plants All parts of a pea plant are edible, the old stems and roots just arent palatable.

generally you want to pinch off just below the leaf axil to get the bud, a young leaf, and the sheef covering the buds.

you can keep doing it and it'll delay flowering (flowers also edible fyi) and create a bushy plant.

they do great in sunny windows in pots. you can also grow them as microgreens in a tray and just sheer/replant weekly.

AMA, if anybody has a weird gardening question, I happen to be a bona fide weird gardener.

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17/10/20: Can't eat inventory, price reduction. Bright aluminum bag in Euro 4 into 1 weave, 5" wide by 8" deep, with purple anodized aluminum rings woven in for trim and scales added to flap for fringe. Shoulder strap in half persian 4 into 1 for strength is 4' end to end, so it hangs 2 feet below centerpoint. $US60 includes shipping in contiguous USA, others DM for details. PayPal $tarlimanjoppos #maille

Started watching back eps of on britbox, and got to the Dahlia grower, in full effect. IF MOST PEOPLE DONT HAVE THE "DAHLIA EYE" THEN WHY DOES IT MATTER! Also his rooted cutting demo just showed that the difference is negligible!

Phaseolus acutifolius, Tepary beans. While these are in a patch i do water they have recieved no direct water since they sprouted. These are native to the American southwest and provided a staple food crop before colonization.

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If you live in California, you have been blitzed by messages to vote for Prop 22, a rule that would allow Uber, Lyft, Postmates and other money-losing, destructive bezzles to continue to abuse their employees through the fiction that they are "independent contractors."


My Perenniql Kale. I planted all of these plants from seed in early summer, and they stayed at the seedling stage pretty much all summer due to our extreme heat. They are just starting to come out of it.

These all started with seed from The Experimental Farm Network store.experimentalfarmnetwork.

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Still looking for players so i can run Eclipse Phase 2nd ed as a one shot on Oct 30 at 4pm PST. Online.

#ttrpg #EclipsePhase #transhuman

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The right has long held that homelessness is a symptom - of a lack of self-control, a lack of foresight, of addiction, mental illness, etc - and therefore the solution to it is training, incarceration, rehab, or rigid discipline.

None of this stuff worked.


Anybody know if there is a *nix that can be installed on an Asus Chromebook Flip C100P? Not dual boot or chroot but actual install?

@rockario @fluxom_alt im stealing that, im gonna sell greebling kits full of random junk and busted plastic toys as a relaxation aid.

make some youtube videos of me with a bob ross wig gluing together a happy little starship.

Todays . Most of this is getting frozen for now. I actually pulled the two large plants I had because i want to get in some seedlings from a kale grex I'm growing out.

every gardening advice column: Did you know sprinkling a little garbage on your plants will fix everything?

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