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@uxintro Fates decent, it's basically fudge with a strong narrative bent. think of how reductionist story analysis is and that's how reductionist the Fate Action System is.

It's another exciting episode of Plus or Minus! Give it a listen fans. Tell your friends, even the ones who play and .

@spirit not much in nutrition, but I'm finishing up an AS in AG and I've been gardening my whole life. pays not great, but that's not why I went for it.

Woo hoo, EMPLOYED. Got a gig "Nutrition Educator" with the boys and girls club. They are basically paying me to maintain a veggie garden. WOOOT.

@Capheind oh, caus it wasn't my country what did it. twere the EU that done it.

a bunch of companies have sent me updated privacy policies, and I haven't heard of any new privacy laws getting passed....

New Ep "Plus or Minus: Damage Factors" is live. Covering the default damage system in the

Boosts, not RTs, thats what I get for doing a copy paste on both sites.

Hey Fans, I've just started a new . If your a fan of , , , or with unusual dice in general, give it a listen. And I'd really appreciate Retweets and sharing in general. Go forth and Fudge!

My Girlfriend Sarah whipped up some snazzy Cover art for the podcast.

Bonus episode of plus or minus. in this episode we begin to delve into Fudges oft misunderstood scale rules.

now that cosplay cam girls are a thing, teenage me is asking why the hell I'm not currently watching naked elf girls...

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Pro tip for all NPCs: if you reply the same thing twice to a player, they will leave you alone.

I'm starting a Fudge/Fate podcast in May, and I need some mechanical/design questions to get started, also if your doing anything cool I'll be doing a news segment. Thanks.

I'm thinking of trying a new more focused , I'm either going to do a and hacking podcast, or a fan podcast. Any Thoughts?

@WelshPixie yeah, if art is some ineffible magic they would need to explain why most of the great masters were selected almost at random and trained in glorified art factories. I just have no artistic skills because I spent my formative years learning useless trivia so I can say way too much about duck penises at parties....

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Creativity is a skill that can be learned and practiced and improved upon.

Fight me.