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Pro tip for all NPCs: if you reply the same thing twice to a player, they will leave you alone.

I'm starting a Fudge/Fate podcast in May, and I need some mechanical/design questions to get started, also if your doing anything cool I'll be doing a news segment. Thanks.

I'm thinking of trying a new more focused , I'm either going to do a and hacking podcast, or a fan podcast. Any Thoughts?

@WelshPixie yeah, if art is some ineffible magic they would need to explain why most of the great masters were selected almost at random and trained in glorified art factories. I just have no artistic skills because I spent my formative years learning useless trivia so I can say way too much about duck penises at parties....

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Creativity is a skill that can be learned and practiced and improved upon.

Fight me.

@Cat when I connect with pawoo I see a local feed? is that not the same thing?

Finally got another episode in after a bout with Bronchitis. In this one I review/discuss the Faith RPG, get out your decks and choose your God wisely.

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Wanna hear about PHONES? listen to in 8 minutes and dial 1088 via or 206-299-2120 ext 1088 from the PSTN

I'm debating what rule system to use as sort of a baseline for discussing sci-fi RPGs. I'm divided between Open D6 and Fudge, I like Savage Worlds but I haven't used it enough myself, and I love OSR sci-fi but I think that would flavor things a bit much. Thoughts?

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Having a nagging cough is annoying. I really don't want to push back my this far.

@WelshPixie I wonder if you can order corporate apparel, I need a shirt :)

Ash Vs. The Evil Dead almost makes up for this shit chest cold.

getting a nasty chest cold on the week you intend to is no fun. oh well my listener will understand.