I have managed to accumulate a fair few alts so i think ill use this one for the rare times i get to play with my tech toys and fiddle around on servers.

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dice.camp is down again. any other focused instances out there open to new members?

I'm here to plug my and follow cool folks since G+ died and MeWe ain't for me. If you are posting cool stuff (especially outside of D&D, but even ) post and I'll probably follow you unless your non-rpg posts aren't my bag.

Unless something comes up I'll be hanging out on my discord (discord.plusorminux.xyz) voice channel at 9:30 pm PST. We can chat about or even play a pickup game if folks are up for it. I need to get my on....

I think I'm going to shoot for doubling my listenership this season. If your not listening to Plus or Minus () maybe give it a go. Its the only dedicated to the . is an game system using a simple to understand adjective based system for character stats, and an interesting mechanic which focuses on character ability. Listen at podcast.plusorminus.xyz

If you are a listener please boost this to reach a larger audience. Thanks.

A little short, and a little late, but at least I got something out. I present 'tags' a replacement for, or supplement to, skills and attributes in the . Get the full ep plusorminus.xyz/tag-your-it

DM Sarah O'Leary and I discuss my for our campaign. If you have trouble getting a larger gaming group together 1on1 play can let you dig deep without fixed time commitments, but does sacrifice some of the social aspects. podcast.dmvsgm.com

Episode 2 of DM vs GM is live, listen to the entire episode at DMvsGM.com! In this episode we talk about all the "Stuff" that makes a game work. Like physical Stuff... Dice and junk.

Lucky episode 13 of the Plus or Minus ! I explore the or Bronze Rule and it's origins in, and applicability to, . plusorminus.capheind.com/fract

In the special episode of Plus or Minus I talk a bit about the MeWe migration, but mostly focus on stealing good ideas from RPGs into .


New Episode of Plus or Minus just went up. This episode covers actually jumping in and getting started with the Fudge Roleplaying Game! plusorminus.capheind.com/start

Bonus episode of plus or minus. in this episode we begin to delve into Fudges oft misunderstood scale rules.


cxu iu ludas rolo-ludojn? Kiel en Dungeons and Dragons, , ktp? Cxu vi ludas en ?

I posted on Google+ to see if any OSR types wanted to do interviews about the stuff they are working on and got an amazing response, YAY.


WHERE MY Gangsters in the hiz-zhous? I wanna get an online game of Mindjammer Fate going Friday nights. Any Takers?

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