clockwise: purple Pea , Onion tops, Perennial experiment, tied up , Broadbean flowers, My winter plot.

Picked a Watermelon raddish with my daughter. Not quite as large as it might have been, but fall plantings are usually slow going.

Phaseolus acutifolius, Tepary beans. While these are in a patch i do water they have recieved no direct water since they sprouted. These are native to the American southwest and provided a staple food crop before colonization.

top to bottom left to right:

Teperary beans that I havent watered them directly in weeks.

Greek Cucumbers


Gold Nugget Squash that I think is ready but I dont wanna pick another one with green flesh.

Wide shot with Amaranth

And a tiny jumping spider on my growbag.

I've seen hundreds of cornflowers but i honestly dont remember ever growing them before. My daughter made short work of it, but beautiful while it lasted.

Beating Bitter . Why they go bitter, how to avoid it, and why I skip a season and grow a wonderful Knockoff.

Hello especially , ever wonder when you should worry about your wilting plants? or why some plants thrive in the heat and some put their lives on hold, Listen to the new episode of the Tea Jay's

I did an ep on Hot Climate . I tell you what signs of heat stress to lookout for, and which to ignore. I go over how heat affects , , and Ripening. And i share some horrible advice ive encountered. Give it a listen!

a good view of my cucurbit forest. Pumpkins, Zucchini, Watermelons, Gold Nugget, Greek Cucumber, and Luffa carpeting the place.

These are teperary , grown in the southwest long before european contact. They have long taproots making them a perfect match when planted in the wet season of an otherwise dry climate. communities in AZ depended on them the same way CAs indigenous peoples depended on acorns and fish runs.

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