Following up on my seed starting special i decided to do an overview of stepping up your plant starts after they've gotten their first true leaves.

Just sent off a soil test. Its probably fine, but i havent had one done at this garden yet. The only nutrient I'm slightly worried about is iron because ive had some yellowing between the veins of my beans, but i haven't seen it in anything else so it may just be that spot.


My winter is coming along fine. Well what passes for winter here in Bakersfield anyways.

Tea Jay's - A bit much about
A quick dip into the intricate world of the nitrogen cycle, from its humble origins of N2 to its final form as one of kinds most vital nutrients.

Got what feels like a chest cold. Curling up in front of Gardeners World. Send pr0n! Hot botanical action please.(especially you southern hemisphere types, gimme those summer gsrdens) @plants

root cuttings require special storage in a dry climate like mine, but these stem cuttings are rockin it. No real root development yet, but that swelling is the crown forming. @plants

Need help figuring out how to start prepping those trays for next years , .I've put together a episode covering quite a bit of it. @plants


Clockwise from top-center: My youngest child with a pot, Pea plants with an aloe in the background, Growbag full of lettuce, Perennial kale plants growing on, Teensie purple tomato plant, my youngest enjoying a pilfered lettuce leaf.

My youngest daughter just had her first birthday!

A hit piece tried to discredit Monty Don as a "Former Jeweler", now don't get me wrong ALAN TITCHMARSH 4 lyff, but thats a crap take. is a second or third career for a large percentage of folx, if thats a means of discrediting experts they can come for most of us. @plants

The from my . Small, but we are talking about a 1 square foot-ish patch with no direct watering after establishment in !

Anybody have questions about selecting, saving, or starting in preperation for spring? Recording an ep on it this weekend.

Picked a Watermelon raddish with my daughter. Not quite as large as it might have been, but fall plantings are usually slow going.

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