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400 running rpi os lite with a hat and a 3.5 resistive touchscreen. Decided i didn't need a GUI on this toy.

My daughter's favorite plant, the Sensative plant I've grown from seed. Mimosa Pudica.

Elon Musk 

Jimmy Fallon ruined SNL for me, but this pic makes up for it a bit.

Oh vs ? Adorable :)

(When i finish this my pretentiousness shall know no bounds!)

Cursing, Mortal Kombat, TV's Frank 

Still love me some TV's Frank.

My perennial kale, looking rather perennial. Because it comes from a grex it is technically a new variety as i grow it from cuttings. Needs a name.

Lots of seedlings coming up in the greenhouse. Gradually clearing out winter and spring plants to make room. Have a little haul of red beets i gotta find a use for.

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