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Got my ! Super quick too. Time to kill vampires and defeat landlords!

Got to spend a couple hours working in the garden this morning, so here is my

A collage of from my 11' x 11' . Three staggered swine panel trellises with multiple cold crops in the beds, and closeups of the and .

Richard Ayoade, MCU 

If we are throwing out potential actors to play a certain streatchy nerdy scientist in the ... Theres this one actor i can think of...

clockwise: purple Pea , Onion tops, Perennial experiment, tied up , Broadbean flowers, My winter plot.

Im bored, think its time to start a late night chat show about @plants sex...

My winter is coming along fine. Well what passes for winter here in Bakersfield anyways.

Time for some positivity. What @plants are you excited about this year?

I snagged seed for A black micro-dwarf tomato, dwarf moringa, and yapon holly. I also get to see if any of the kale i grew from a perennial line has the perennial trait.

Apparently i was kicked from the FB group. Not sure why, but i wasn't especially active anyway. Anywho there are more on the Fediverse anyway I'll start my own @plantifa with Blackthorn and Hookerii!


Finally made some scrambled eggs with the Apocalypse Scorpion I grew. Nice heat with a decent flavor. Saved all the .

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