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Had a couple of cold snaps but this dwarf tomato is staying strong!

The MCU is water garbage until we get a stand alone Marcus the Centaur movie.


Clockwise from top-center: My youngest child with a pot, Pea plants with an aloe in the background, Growbag full of lettuce, Perennial kale plants growing on, Teensie purple tomato plant, my youngest enjoying a pilfered lettuce leaf.

My youngest daughter just had her first birthday!

The from my . Small, but we are talking about a 1 square foot-ish patch with no direct watering after establishment in !

Remembering the novel sphere. I would love a show following the crew trapped inside that sphere but continuing their mission of exploration.

Thinking of going a little more lefty with my . Sort of a 2.0 focused on , , and . What do ya think of my quick first draft of the art.

Rollin 1 mile an hour through LA traffic and my phone chimes in "Speed trap ahead" OH NOES

Picked a Watermelon raddish with my daughter. Not quite as large as it might have been, but fall plantings are usually slow going.

A very productive getting my late fall/winter seedlings started.

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