Rollin 1 mile an hour through LA traffic and my phone chimes in "Speed trap ahead" OH NOES

Picked a Watermelon raddish with my daughter. Not quite as large as it might have been, but fall plantings are usually slow going.

Phaseolus acutifolius, Tepary beans. While these are in a patch i do water they have recieved no direct water since they sprouted. These are native to the American southwest and provided a staple food crop before colonization.

My Perenniql Kale. I planted all of these plants from seed in early summer, and they stayed at the seedling stage pretty much all summer due to our extreme heat. They are just starting to come out of it.

These all started with seed from The Experimental Farm Network store.experimentalfarmnetwork.

Todays . Most of this is getting frozen for now. I actually pulled the two large plants I had because i want to get in some seedlings from a kale grex I'm growing out.

Im getting my back up and going, and I was wondering what kind of gardening questions you all had?

Working through Passalong . Its about the kind of plants you mostly find by knowing other gardeners. Its a bit surprising that they speak so lovingly about many plants that are notoriously invasive in the south (morning glories, etc)

top to bottom left to right:

Teperary beans that I havent watered them directly in weeks.

Greek Cucumbers


Gold Nugget Squash that I think is ready but I dont wanna pick another one with green flesh.

Wide shot with Amaranth

And a tiny jumping spider on my growbag.

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