My dad wanted to show me the yardsale "" he bought a few years ago. Its a Drake tr-22c, a crystal tuned 12 channel 2 meter radio from the 70s. Not much practical value now, but back then pouch/purse radios were a reliable alternative to often unreliable handheld units.

What can be done in 11' x 11' with cheap municipal compost, one bag of $10 fertilizer and almost entirely from seed. Maybe another ~$40 in seed starting supplies if your starting from nothing, i did spent ~$60 bucks on plastic greenhouses but a few sunny windows would do.

Scrub Jays snacking on little green cabbage worms in my wake. I think this fellow was from last years nest in my orange tree, seems acclimated to the bagpipes.

This mornings mini harvest. Some okra pods, amaranth leaves, 3 kohlrabi, and 2 lemon cukes.

If you live in a crap place with rules against front yard you can probably sneak in a nice spineless variety. Heavy producers with amazing flowers, ornamental foliage, and a strong vertical presence.

My gardens Snail Hotel. Its one massive clonal colony of Aloe maculata. I should break it up and clear out the mollusk menace, but its all from a cutting my grandmother gave me. Its hard to risk it.

In the category of seeds id given up on that decided to sprout anyways, Bishops Children Dahlias and Bells of Ireland.

Snail trauma 

A snail my daughter found with a love dart still embedded. I suspect this one is a casualty of love.

Some pics from my garden this week. A mix of flowers from my ornamental bed (loads of California poppies), a huge (30' around) squash, a mix of different beans and tomatoes, and corn cobs forming up.

A lovely volunteer. I think it's one of the wild type tomatoes i was experimenting with last year.

A dove/pigeon has decided to setup nest in an old fountain in my backyard. 2 eggs so far.

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