How crazy is it to start a for a project you suspect doesn't have the fan base to support a viable patreon?

@Capheind Will the project *depend* on the Patreon? Then: very crazy.
Will the Patreon just be a "nice to have" bonus? Then no crazy at all.

@uxintro The latter, I assume my audience is me and maybe my girlfriend :P but if anybody out there would like to give me money than I can do things like buy a decent mic and stop using my phone for my podcast, or do edited live-plays of my games, and of course buy more stuff to review.

@Capheind Well, I'm cultivating an addiction to RPG podcasts. So, I'll give you a listen and if it plays to my interests, I'll add a token to the Patreon...


@uxintro A bit of warning. I started doing a very focused podcast called "The OSR Podcast". It was focused on Old School Renaissance roleplaying games. I've migrated them to my new show CapheindPlays which is a broader podcast about all the RPGs I play/played/liked. So if you subscribe the first few labeled "Copy of" are from the Old School podcast, and the newest one is about using medieval lighting tech to add to your game world.

I listened to your latest one yesterday. You certainly know a lot of esoteric shit about candles!

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