@WelshPixie howdy, as a language coach how would you say short language segments on a monthly podcast should be handled?

@Capheind Ooh toughie. How short? I'd say stick to short phrases, things people would use in every day conversations (weather, food, etc.) and maybe recap the phrases you did last episode. Encourage listeners to repeat the phrase a few times with you. ^.^

@WelshPixie Now I have to remember what I was planning with that question... I was having whiskey at the time :P

@WelshPixie I apparently had a plan for a podcast about a language I've just scratched the barest surface of. Whiskey....

@Capheind Haha! I wonder what else you get up to while imbibing whiskey that you're unaware of - do you live a double whiskey life?! :O

@WelshPixie Well it doesn't involve regicide, so get that out of your head...

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