So can't get to work on because it its using an outdated Python and I don't have the chops to sort that out. So I installed a Debian virtual machine but the chirp from the repository doesn't work at all, and the flatpak looks like it'll work but then after clicking through all the dialogues no download screen. grrrr.

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@Capheind I haven't looked into it too recently, but at one point there were several "canned" Linux distributions specifically for with most of the stuff you'd want already installed and lightly configured in the base image. Looks like they've mostly stalled out though.

Ubuntu seems to have the most active community:

@kadin yeah i tried a couple of those and they seemed to have issues dealing with usb passthru and i couldn't use chirp there either.

For now ill just have to use it on my win laptop. Maybe a FreeBSD solution will happen in the near future.

@Capheind Upgrading FreeBSD's python isn't too bad. I'm surprised an outdated python made chirp not work though.

@bifrosty2k Its the reverse. Chirp is based on 2.7 and hasn't been ported to 3 yet. OpenBSD has depreciated it in favor of a 3 version that doesn't exist yet.

@Capheind oof, I forgot that. You'd think with everyone being home they'd be able to port that...

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