Well the local club had their net. When they asked if anyone wanted to introduce themselves I hit that PTT button and... nothing. Im not sure what I've set wrong.

@Capheind make sure you have the PL/CTCSS set. If there isn't one listed you might need to ask someone directly. See if you can figure out which club runs the net. If you can't figure that out, you could just send a letter to the address listed under the callsign of one of the regulars.


@Anarkat they have it listed as "100" so i think i have that right. It's the local club (W6LIE) so if i can get over to their meeting tomorrow I may join up.

@Capheind if you bring your radio to the in-person meeting they may be able to help you get it set up.

Keep in mind though that the baofeng has absolutely garbage signal rejection/selectivity.

Someone transmitting on the same band on a different frequency in the same physical room is enough interference to deafen a baofeng. This could make it difficult to test settings after they're adjusted.

I was transmitting to a repeater on one of my baofengs a few days ago, with another one in the same room set to a different frequency in the same band, and the interference was strong enough to break squelch on my other radio.

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