Any folks on @FreeBSD know how to get installed? looks like its in comms/chirp but its being depreciated due to a dependency on an older version of python.

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@Capheind i struggled for a bit with chirp. Eventually I was able to force the python gtk to install so that I could install chirp, which depended on it.

There also appeared to be done alternative install methods which bundled the whole program and all of its dependencies together, but I couldn't get that to work.

@Anarkat I asked on the mailing list. There is active work on migrating or forking chirp to use python 3, but for the time being im going to try a virtualbox linux install. Id do bhyve or a linux jail bit I haven't played with those enough.

@Capheind @Anarkat

I just did a tiny bit of checking, and this totally looks doable via bhyve. Only tricky bit seems to be isolating the relevant controller, and some specific (though easy) hardware req's.

Working from absolute newb knowledge here, mind you.

Also, weird to see you show up in my BSD feeds, kat. :)

@RussSharek @Anarkat im currently building VirtualBox from ports but i might try that later to replace it. Ill also probably play with jails.

Takes me forever because im always trying to cram a million interests into like 3-4 hours a week.

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