Well the local club had their net. When they asked if anyone wanted to introduce themselves I hit that PTT button and... nothing. Im not sure what I've set wrong.

@Capheind I'm happy to help troubleshoot! Did you set the offset and tone properly? Have you used any programming software, do you have a programming cable?

@wilbr No i need to order the cable and program it. All ive changed is the offset (just listed as minus on their website) and the PL tone i set to 100. Im guessing there are other settings i need to fiddle with. Its 145.150 mhz


@Capheind so repeater offsets are set by convention based on band, I believe it's generally 0.6MHz for the 2m band. I don't memorize such things though, I just download from repeaterbook.com to my radio haha.

So you're gonna ensure that T-CTCS is set to 100.0HZ, SFT-D is set to -, and OFFSET is set to 00.600. You may need to be in VFO mode to get settings to save. These menu options are usually 13, 25, and 26 for quick access.

@Capheind I have a UV82 and you can check that you've done it right when you're in memory mode (made your changes and saved them to a memory location with menu MEM-CH, #27 then switched back to non-VFO mode) and ready to make a call on that memory channel, and you hit the * button and the display changes to R, CT, and 0.6MHz lower than before. The display should also have +- displayed on your memory item.

@Capheind sure! Here's a guide I referenced when giving you that advice.

You can also obviously test things out by disconnecting your antenna and pressing the PTT button. If your display is set to show frequencies, it should switch to the transmit (-0.6) frequency accordingly.


This guy's UV-5R doesn't behave 100% like mine but you can see the process youtube.com/watch?v=WPyYh3nlpU


@wilbr I think its working but nobody was on right then. Should have my programming cable soon. Also thinking of joining the local club.

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