Time to buy a BaoFeng and actually use my amateur license. Ive had it since about 2009 and never used it.

@Capheind Nice! Good luck and have fun. is a great hobby.

A lot of old farts talk smack about (and in truth their early radios *were* crap), but they have drastically lowered the barrier for new hams.

If it's in budget, I'd look at one of the DMR Tier II capable models:

In part because of Baofeng supporting it at the $200 price point, seems to be the growing standard for VHF/UHF amateur digital comms.


@kadin cool. I ordered a UV-5R to get started. So when that gets here I can start fiddling. I "think" there is an echolink repeater out here.

@Capheind If you want to get more range for your 5W, I can heartily recommend building a flowerpot antenna for 2m/145MHz. They are cheap and simple to build. Not exactly hand held but can be portable.

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