playing with my fingerpint scanner under , fprint_demo works great but none of the other fprint tools work, keep getting "list_devices failed: Rejected send message,". Also not sure how to actually sign in with it yet lol. Still playing with it.

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@Capheind Never used a fingerprint scanner on my FreeBSD systems. But you need a PAM module to actually sign in using one. security/fprintd contains pam_fprintd, so I guess what you want to achieve might be possible using this port.

@blabber yeah, still fiddling, I've got it setup as described here and I'm still getting "list_devices failed: Rejected send message," when I try to enroll, there is something I"m not catching.

@blabber hrm, so now when I tried to use su I get "su: pam_start: System error" but not after removing the auth line from the pam system file...

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