@Capheind Neat! I used FreeBSD for a year or so as my main desktop, with VTWM. Great OS. If I had got suspend/resume working, I doubt I'd ever leave.

@cadadr I hadn't tried it before, but I just did and its working for me lol. I don't usually leave it on suspend, I usually turn it off when I'm done. Especially when I have the drive encrypted.

@Capheind Hmm.. guess my laptop back then was the problem then. I was mostly on 10.x, and IIRC 11 for a short while.

@cadadr Could be, could also be some improvements in 12.2.

@lattera Bunch of different ones.

The titlebar font is Orbitron Black available here theleagueofmoveabletype.com/ most of the others are from there as well.

The console font is Comic Mono from dtinth.github.io/comic-mono-fo

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