The T510 finally got here. Tonight i begin fiddling and, time permitting, install .

Anybody know if ever got softmodem support (like the linmodem project). This is entirely for giggles, i do not need the modem in my laptop, itd just be fun to have it working.


Heh the keyboard light is a literal led above the monitor!

So windows doesn't see the bluetooth but linux on the clonezilla drive does.... ah well good enough for me. Backup time.

So gave a few errors but i think it worked. If not I have the product key if i need windows.

I verified all the HW I could before the install.

The Bluetooth sorted itself which is good because i didn't wanna take it all apart to access the daughter board.

I went through the install ok and installed , curl, doas, tmux, and ohmyzsh ok.

Installed and slim but they didn't work till i actually installed xorg. Apparently pkg doesn't consider it a prereq.


That was as far as I got last night. Slim doesn't yet dump me into mate because i haven't setup any of my configs yet.

Next steps are to get X up and going properly. Also to see how many of the fn keys and stuff i can get working.

Im reading through Absolute as i do this so I'll be configuring stuff as I learn.

Im also interested in setting up an ubuntu jail so i have it as a fallback for software.

Got a chance to fiddle with it some more, the fn key just started working after a few reboots. Not sure what (if anything) i did to get this working.

Got x and mate running ok. So far i like pkg but what it doesnt consider dependencies is kinda weird. Like how is xorg and dbus not prereqs for ?

Played with the linux compatibility layer but couldn't get the edex-ui appimage running yet.

I need to work through some more chapters of Absolute so i can fiddle with some optimization

@Capheind I know you are not asking for advise, so feel free to ignore it, but this could save you time:

Remember to enable slim and dbus in rc.conf and to setup an executable $HOME/.xinitrc with contents equivalent to:

#!/bin/sh -e
export LANG=ca_ES.UTF-8
exec xfce4-session

@evilham nice try xfce mafia, but you wont get me that way either!!

@evilham LOL! I see what you did there. 😉 Nice catch, @Capheind! They won't get us! 🧉

BTW, I think you have to set .xinitrc (or .xsession if you're using a login manager) to load MATE with "ck-launch-session mate-session". @solene posted about it on her blog.

@claudiom @Capheind @solene XD I use #hikari on Wayland actually, just meant that it's something in that direction, modulo language and WM :-D.

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