Is there an open source browser that doesn't harvest my organs for google, that isn't attached to a dying organization, that isn't just a clone of one of those likely to share its fate, and that isn't operated by creepy crypto dorks? like anything? Is it just dillo? Am I stuck with Dillo?


Like I get that there are dozens of Mozilla and Firefox forks, but they are basically just downstream builds so if Firefox goes they go.

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@Capheind If Firefox disappears then it's unlikely that the downstream projects would have the resources to maintain all the complicated standards.

What remains of the open web could be in trouble sooner than most people think.

@deepthings @bob @Capheind I don't think so in the short term. Google bunged them some more cash, but the market share of Firefox has been in decline for a decade and there were significant Mozilla layoffs a year or so ago.

@Capheind wait a moment. You're saying that since Firefox will disappear at some point in the future because it doesn't have enough user share, you want to stop using it right now? Seems like a self fulfilling prophecy.

I think Gnome Web is a good choice, if you're on Linux

@steko @Capheind I'm afraid that firefox (the orga) is on a self-destructing spree *even* if they keep having enough user share that would allow them to survive.

I still use firefox and prefer it to the alternatives, however.

@Capheind you’ve got me wondering now too.

Everything seems a variation of Chromium or Firefox. But I suppose, so long as the base (WebKit, Blink, whatever) is open source, someone can always pickup from where a previous project left off?

@robert And many of the classic Free software browser projects have kinda stagnated, or their goals specifically exclude popular (but problematic or outright screwed) web tech.

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