It would be nice if early science ed focused on basic logic and evaluation and less on drilling "The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell". Most folks aren't going to extensively study the sciences, but being able to assess claims is pretty universally useful.

@Capheind having a decent knowledge base is an important part of being able to assess claims, though. like, sure, maybe you could theoretically look things up when you first encounter an anti-vaxxer talking about mitochondria for some reason, but that's a lot of work and you're not guaranteed to come away from your research with the right answer, especially not if a correct mental model is complex & takes a lot of time in class to develop. you want your bullshit detector to be faster than that.

@mcmoots yeah but you can spot the logical flaws in an argument without needing to know any information about the actual topic.

Because your first thoughts would be "Are they making a positive claim" "Where is the burden of proof" "Have they met that burden" etc,.

Loads of folks can tell you the mitochondria line while having no clue what it means. Ive been asked why calories are an important metric in food systems by a molecular biologist before lol.

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