Time for some positivity. What @plants are you excited about this year?

I snagged seed for A black micro-dwarf tomato, dwarf moringa, and yapon holly. I also get to see if any of the kale i grew from a perennial line has the perennial trait.

@Capheind @plants planning on trying sequoia just to see if I can provide the right conditions

@eileen @plants Probably, we grow them here in bakersfield. They get huge, but without the cool wet air of northern CA they dont get anywhere near full size.

It will eventually fill a suburban front yard but its a few decades before that.

@Capheind @plants oh yeah absolutely, they grow where they grow for an important reason. I just want to see if I can grow a small one from seed for fun. also I'm not from an area where fire is part of the ecosystem so there's that

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