Enjoy live streaming?
Prefer self-hosting?

Check out Owncast, a neat self-hosted live streaming server!

Opensource, written in #golang, easy to install & setup!

It's still fairly young, but looks super promising and already works amazingly well 😍

Homepage: owncast.online/

GitHub: github.com/owncast/owncast


@fribbledom Anyone actually streaming with this? anywhere I can give it a look?

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Yeah, I've tried it out the last couple of days, it's pretty good. They have a demo installation linked to from the README.

@fribbledom @Capheind It's a cool looking. My only concern with this is that they're promoting "stream whatever you want without worry of copyright", but that's not true. If you stream copyrighted stuff and the record companies don't like it, they won't go after Twitch or Facebook, they'll go after the owner of the Ownsite directly. Unknowing common laypeople could get themselves in major legal/financial problems because Ownsite's site isn't up front about the risks.

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