AMA, if anybody has a weird gardening question, I happen to be a bona fide weird gardener.

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@Capheind do you have any thoughts or experience with storage tomatoes?

@mlg Some.

I live in a warm climate so I've had tomatoes producing right up until early december. ive kept tomatoes on a shelf in a shed for weeks before but not specifically winter storage.

the key thing to remember about storage tomatoes is that they aren't storing, yhey are ripening. so you cant rely on a specific time table, you have to monitor them.

Also storage/long keeping varieties produce the entire growing season. Your still going to get most of your tomatoes too early to store.

@Capheind I'm in a little colder climate with shorter season. A few years ago outdoor tomatoes did fine, this year about 10% of them ripened before cold and rain came.

one of the varieties we tried was "golden treasure" and i've never heard of storage tomatoes before i saw it in the seed catalog. so I have a bunch of them picked green and i'm curious to see if they'll ripen and live up to the seed pcket hype.

BTW i just listened to your podcast with Craig LeHoullier yesterday, very cool!

@mlg Thanks.

just make sure you stick to cool not cold temps and they should eventually ripen.

Those that had just started to turn will definitely color up. Just store them stem side down, not touching, and in a cool place, the 65-80 deg F range is best.

High 70s for getting the ripening going, but you'll want to stick closer to 70 or just under to extend storing.

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