how pricy is it to run a mastodon instance? any thoughts?

@Capheind mine is 7,50€ per month, but I use the server for other stuff as well... so for a micro instance any server would do (I have 2 cores and 4GB RAM)


@clerian where are you hosting?

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@Capheind I'm using the smallest of netcups virtual root servers ( they have dedicated cores and ram, but they seem to have upgraded their machines significantly from my version so they are a little bit more expensive now (more ram and storage and newer cpu). I also have good experience with their CPS offerings. I guess the VPS 1000 G9 is also a good choice, (less then 6€ per month).

@Capheind There is one drawback, when you first create an account with them they call you by phone to verify your identity before you get your server...

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