every time i wonder why OpenSocial/Mastodon hasn't beat out twitter i click on the federated timeline and clutch my purse.

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Just systematically block all the shit you don't want to see, then federation becomes bareable.

@Penloy i do, but every time i vear past the local timeline there is always something new. todays was a series of brothel ads with vauguely human trafficking vibes.

Its just a case of putting my money where my mouth is, you want an open system you get an open system.

its not like mastodon is causing these things to happen, its just that now i have to see them. No corporate sanitization.


Yeah fair. The best thing to do is whenever you see an interesting person on federation, follow them.

Once you follow enough you'll have a fairly active timeline of interesting people.

I personally block entire mastodon instances like switter.

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