so maybe now can be my replacement for Google+. who posts stuff I should be following?

It says something -- not sure what -- but it says something about me that all I could come up with for #RPG was Rocket Propelled Grenade.

@Capheind I think @kensanata, @oliof, and @PresGas are worth following, as they all have a decent number of followers and follows that you can then use to build your own list.
I haven't had much luck following folks at but I'm sure there are lots of good users there.

@Capheind You should check out (apart from, already mentioned).

There are lots of designers in those two, especially Off the top of my head:
@jmstar, @kiramagrann, @briecs, @meguey

@petejones yeah, and I did setup an account there. But I'm not really feeling it.

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