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Yet another language/framework/platform to forget after passing this shit

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/me is trying to make simple music player for a uni assignment

I think I've never been more forcibly struck than today with the realisation that today's Web developers have never used 1980s BASIC systems and just have no awareness that computers used to be things you could both use and program interactively, in the same session.

We've deprived an entire couple generations of children of a basic formative mind-expanding experience of cognitive freedom, and now they're making tools that restrict other people's thought lives and see nothing wrong with that.

IRC drama 

The State of #Freenode (in classic Jerk City style)

(h/t @cadey )

BashTube w/ Flash player confirmed to work on realhw Windows 98 with Flash 10 and RetroZilla. It's quite laggy on a 233MHz Pentium 2, but quite usable if only the audio is playing (single-frame videos)

TODO: optional server-side removal of video data if user requests it? ;3

also, if someone wants to reproduce this - please note that you need to first install flash 9 (installer I used is named flashplayer9r47_win.exe), then unpack NPSWF32.dll from's installer and replace it in %WINDIR%\SYSTEM\MACROMED\FLASH

So... Samsung Galaxy Upcycling project turned into an Android app locked to the Samsung ecosystem?

This afternoon, I found a tiny virtual computer project "uxn" by @neauoire . I was curious if it's tiny enough to port to the NDS in an evening. The answer is a resounding "yes"!

About uxn:

>AmigaOS 3.2
fuck it, I'm tired. I just want to finish cleaning that fucking A1200 and give it to the client with stock 3.0 Kickstart.

At this point I should just go back to collecting game rips, but I need more storage and something that can fully replace XMplay for me (GUI music players on Linux have problems with handling scrolling on modules, specially when it comes to tempo changes etc.)

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My XMPP address will become dead in May, not sure when I’ll have time to get a new one (currently fighting with infections, so I haven’t touched my computer for a week already)

I love when obsolete standards are always hidden behind a paywall and the cheapest paywall only supports Chinese payment providers... :/

Today's another time someone asked me how to do something in Linux which resulted in me digging through kernel source code using and finding the right stuff.

So... anyone else wants to know how do get linux kernel to do something? May as well dig that up now that I have bootlin open...

ClassicZoo 4.10 - my fork of the ZZT game engine - is now out. It comes with a variety of features, such as:

a fully-functional, if a bit visually constrained, NEC PC-9801 port (shown on screenshot),
cut/copy/paste support for both the board and text editors,
syntax highlighting for ZZT-OOP code,
and more memory and CPU optimizations, of course!

Download it here!

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