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>fixing Amiga Tank mouse
> instead of replacing broken phototransistors you replaced IR emitters with the new phototransistors
>ams OSRAM IRL80A is obsolete
>nobody is selling any NOS in Poland

Will trade/sell the following A1200 parts for A600 PSU/floppy/cables/expansions, retro handhelds/accessories, I'm open to any interesting offer really, even manga:

- front + back cover,
- keyboard,
- M-Tec 1230LC 68030/8MB RAM accelerator, optionally w/ FPU.

From Poland.

wait wait wait what the actual

you can play ACTUAL ARCADE GAMES on a vectrex?

I mean ACTUAL BATTLEZONE? ACTUAL STAR WARS? (ok a bit slow, but... still.) ACTUAL TEMPEST?
(can't find anyone playing tempest yet, likely because everyone who is playing tempest on vectrex is very busy playing tempest on vectrex and therefore cannot make videos of such)

and obviously, this makes running demos a bit easier on the hardware, etc... well crap I didn't need to order any new hardware (and I need to get my vectrex fixed, it doesnt' like turning on, which I believe is a capacitor issue or something that is fixable, but not by me)

oops! I accidentally Bad Apple!! to the WonderSwan

This serves as another proof-of-concept work for the "Wonderful" toolchain I've been working on. I've been nerd-sniped by GuyPerfect on a Discord server, and spent a night hacking away at it.

It's not a masterpiece of compression (you could probably squeeze it into 4MB), but...


Seeking feedback: what kind of built-in library functionality would you find helpful for programming a 16-bit handheld, given a C toolchain? (... yes, the WonderSwan)

I opened a GItHub issue with some ideas I already collected:

Retro fact of the day

"Winter Gold" was a PAL-exclusive Norwegian-made SNES game released in 1996, utilizing the Super FX for rendering three-dimensional sports courses and containing an impressive-for-its-hardware introduction sequence.

One of the game's developers was Paul Endresen, better known as a member of a certain popular demoscene group. Can you tell which demoscene group it was just by watching the aforementioned introduction sequence?

Retro fact of the day

The Bandai WonderSwan is a handheld console released in 1999. Notably, it did not feature a headphone jack - you had to buy a licensed adapter (internally a DAC) for the proprietary EXT port.

This caused problems to modern-day collectors, as the adapters became very expensive on the second-hand market, and the only person making custom EXT ports charges $85 for the privilege...

... until someone found out that you can just use an HDMI plug (!?) and it fits just well enough to electrically connect (!?).

#Amiga Blitz Basic Game Jam

Make a game in 3 months June-September using Amiga Blitz Basic or AmiBlitz and win some great prizes!

#retrodev #retrogaming #commodore #AmigaRetweets

Hmm, I managed to build 4.9 kernel with patches for support, but it doesn't boot.

If someone with better kernel debugging skills want to find a problematic patch, then here's my branch:
Original 4.4 branch:

"Tides" – a demo using only HTML sliders, released at Revision 2022! 💙 Music by @winniehell!

Only first page with my follows got archived on Wayback Machine, but...

arr = []
for (i=1; i<=12; i++) {

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What the hell happened here, half of follows and followers nuked?

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