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ClassicZoo 4.10 - my fork of the ZZT game engine - is now out. It comes with a variety of features, such as:

a fully-functional, if a bit visually constrained, NEC PC-9801 port (shown on screenshot),
cut/copy/paste support for both the board and text editors,
syntax highlighting for ZZT-OOP code,
and more memory and CPU optimizations, of course!

Download it here!

So... I guess I need to use Linux 2.6 if I want to have accelerated video output w. MPlayer on one of my machines with Matrox GPU? :D

Seriously, sometimes I wonder how much easier with would be if drivers were separated from the kernel... :P

Is Oxygen's ST-NICCC becoming the Rickroll of the demoscene? Dx

"wanna stream on ccc? quality might not be as good" quality is actually better

Now I have no reason to not attend next CCCamp when this pandemic bullshit will end :)

Jeff Bezos Cancelled Major UNESCO-Approved Subculture Event [NOT A CLICKBAIT]

I need to finally buy a bunch of DD floppies, the list of OCS compokillers to watch on real hardware is still growing ;D

Maybe I’m just disappointed in both modern cloud-based survelliance-driven computing and orthodox ricing freedom, both backed by broken silicon and useless software stacks...
I miss old times when you were using Windows XP and browsing good old HTML 4.01 websites; life was easier back then.

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