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>buy a powermac
>psu broken


And of course the only service offer on eBay is only for USA.

>had to make a PCB for Material Engineering lab
>procrastinate for two months
>when you try to finish your project, it became total mess
>colleagues already got their boards
>quickly draw an Covox clone in KiCad
>send it to JLCPCB, pay for DHL Express so the board would come before the end of exams session and pray

US$20 is kinda painful when you have only US$250 for living every month (student loan), but it's still cheaper than psychiatrist appointments .-.

dream notebook: Pinebook Pro-like hardware w/ RK3588 inside Panasonic Let's Note case
*/me runs*

Shame there's absolutely no documentation for graphics (not counting GPL 2.0-only driver in mainline Linux)

I'd love to see running in native resolution and with accelerated 2D graphics on my netbook .-.

>outdated ESP8266 SDK version
>no hardware debugging for AVR microcontrollers

Fuck .

DRM_IOCTL_MODE_CREATE_DUMB failed: Out of memory

more like out of sanity :G

@realcaseyrollins I made this comment on hackernews earlier about the Apple release. It got down to -4 at one point.

Is there any manual for libDRM API? I'd like to set new mode with custom timings

[0] bluraf!3@motoko:~ $ man 3 drmModeGetCrtc
No manual entry for drmModeGetCrtc in section 3

Today I was trying to get 480i/480p image from Raspberry Pi using VGA666 adapter, but I couldn't get any stable image on my JVC monitor. Maybe VGA666 is outputting too weak/too strong synchronization signals?

Any tips?

I had to buy VGA-BNC cable and ready-to-use SCART-VGA adapter, because my DIY sync stripper wasn't working... or this CRT just needs separate VSync and HSync signals to work properly.

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What are some small and well-written C++ open source projects one could use as study material to learn writing real-world C++ code?

so yeah, I'm trying to get my Amiga 500 working with some basic expansions, like a god-damn storage other than floppy disks

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